July 27, 2010

Jennifer Keeton is Right

By now, most of America may know the name Jennifer Keeton. She is a student at Augusta State University in Georgia, and she was threatened with being "dismissed" from her graduate Counselor Education Program if she didn't attend a homosexual reeducation program intended to influence (ie., change) her core Christian beliefs.

You can read the complaint from the Alliance Defense Fund here where you can plainly read for yourself the words of her professors who felt that her deeply-held biblical beliefs on sexuality and morality were incompatible with a professional career.

Ironically enough, assistant professor Dr. Schenk had this to say:

"This is the unethical part—applying your own personal beliefs and values on other people and not truly accepting that others can have different beliefs and values that are equally valid as your own."

Yet, that is entirely what they were attempting to do on the basis of hearsay from another student who claimed that Keeton had tried to force her beliefs on other students, and Keeton's expression of her belief that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and not a default setting. Her remediation wasn't based on her academic performance: It was based on her faith.

In America, we generally know that religious discrimination is wrong and unconstitutional, yet it happens to Christians all the time when they dare vocalize their disagreement with the homosexual agenda. In most cases, they are labeled as "bigots" regardless of whether or not they ever showed any proclivity toward prejudice or discrimination and then are made into pariahs by the liberal media-brainwashed general population. That's nothing compared to the humiliating choice Jennifer Keeton was forced to make at the hands of power-hungry leftist educational dictators:

You can shut up, change your beliefs and let yourself be indoctrinated by the pro-gay sensitivity training that we say is appropriate, or you can stay true to your beliefs and get out of the educational program in which you were excelling and for which you worked very hard.

The comments floating around the blogosphere from so-called "tolerant" leftists support a school that seeks to indoctrinate students and strip them of their personalities simply because it supports the homosexual agenda with absolutely no mention of the slap in the face the First Amendment as it applies to a young Christian woman has taken. Comments left on Advocate.com's short article on this story call into question her appearance ("Vic" from Detroit puts it ever so eloquently: "Doesn't she sorta look like a bad drag queen?")* and religious convictions by claiming she "makes Christ look bad" and doesn't understand her own religion when she's asked to "live by it and not hate."

What these paranoid reactionaries are forgetting is that she never said she hated gay people. She never claimed that gay people were less than human, or that they deserved any less of her professional attention as a counselor. They are also forgetting that this isn't an issue of whether you agree with her or not, or whether you think she is a "self-righteous Cunt" ("Graydon" from Los Angeles, another one of Advocate.com's lovable readers). It's a matter of whether or not a university can dictate the thoughts and actions of its students.

No, they can't.

Good luck, Jennifer Keeton. America is praying for you.

*Find "Vic"s loving comment, and others, here as well as a whole slew of personal attacks on Keeton's religious convictions and intelligence.